High Quality Cleaning services 

  • Rug cleaning and storage

    With 25 years of experience and knowledge in the cleaning of handmade carpet and using only eco-friendly detergents we provide high quality service We undertake storage & cleaning, carpets, rugs, handmade woven, etc. Special treatment for handmade & silk carpets. Stain removal of coffee, blood, oil, paint , body fluid , etc. Carpet & Fabric Proofing Deodorizing urine, vomit, odors.

  • Carpets and Fabric Surfaces, Cleaning

    We achieve excellent results using eco-friendly biodegradable detergents and safe cleaning techniques. Removal of stains , urine, odors, contaminants and residues Refresh the colors and preserve fabrics Special care of leather furniture

  • Yacht Carpet Cleaning

    Our company operates in the yachts carpet & upholstery cleaning for over two decades, offering impeccable results on the treatment ,of carpet, upholstery ,mattresses and fabric surfaces. We use only certified eco-detergents that ensure the security of the wool and fabrics. At the same time, with modern cleaning techniques bring to life the colors and removed all of the pollutants and micro pathogens organisms. Stain removal of urine, coffee, blood, oil, paint, body fluid, etc. We provide special cleaning for leather sofas, alcantara & mattress disinfection.

  • Mattress sanitizing

    Safe mattress cleaning & sanitization whithout chemicals with 3 steps CleanMattress method. Complete removal of dust mites and their droppings from the interior of the mattress. Effective removal of micro pathogen organisms, bacteria and fungi. Mattress surface sanitizing with UV-C treatment. Cleaning and odor removal of urine, and body fluids . Protection from allergy and asthma

  • Rug Care - Repairs

    Repair on fringes, handmade carpets & artifacts restoration. All of the techniques are done by Persian experience technician.


You were prompt and i felt i was getting an honest deal.Thank for the great service! All my friends insisted that i use your service when i needed carpet cleaning. Am glad  i listened. You were professional and i felt i was getting the best results

Leda Anastasopoulos


Stain protection

We provide stain protection service with excellent results on fabric surfaces, carpets and Rug. The protection formula is designed to make a chemical bond with the yarn of carpet and fabrics in order to create an invisible protective layer against stains, liquids and pollutants.

Dry Cleaning

We specialized on dry compound techniques to sensitive rugs and carpets on areas to be used directly. The organic biodegradable material deeply cleanses the fibers with zero moisture and without leaving soap residues. It is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and humans..

Stain Removal

Our professional technicians with advanced skills can remove most stains. Supplied with the industry's best stain removal products, and gear, we can remove or minimize all types of stains.

Baby Safe

The baby crib, serves as your baby's sleeping and playing area, must be cleaned and disinfected as often as possible. With a dry steam cleaner and combination of ultraviolet light sterilization, we can eliminate bacteria, viruses, dust mites and microbes at beds, soft toys, safe with no harmful chemicals..

Pet odor & stain removal

The odor of natural pet accidents can spread throughout the house. The smell produced by the urine region often leads to the repetition of urinary events in the same zone until it is properly removed. While most detergents simply cover the odors (with no permanent result), the products and technique we use acts on the molecular level of the stain and neutralizes the urine crystals so that the odor is completely removed. That's why our organic solution and other environmentally friendly cleaning products are absolutely safe and non-toxic to children and pets.